Fedor Dokshin


University of Toronto

Professor Fedor Dokshin’s research and teaching interests are in environmental sociology, political sociology, organizations, social networks, and computational social science.

His recent research asks how emerging energy industries become politically contested and how this contestation might influence regulation and policymaking, the emergence of new industries, and the distribution of health and environmental risks. A secondary research agenda addresses a broader set of questions related to social networks, organizations, and politics. Methodologically, Professor Dokshin specializes in applying quantitative and computational techniques to collect and analyze behavioral data from diverse sources including public records and administrative datasets, online “digital trace” data, and large-scale text data.

His research has been published in the Nature Energy, Nature Human Behaviour, American Sociological Review, and Social Forces and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the National Science Foundation.

Affiliated Outputs

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Closing the green gap — Disparities in PV Deployment

6 December 2023

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