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Going Solar: Social Identity, Social Context, and Social Influence in the Diffusion of Solar Rooftop Panels

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Inequality in Childcare: The Case of Nannies

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Investing in Inclusive and Sustainable Care: A Macroeconomic Approach to Understanding Care in Mongolia

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Demographic, health, and economic transitions and the future care burden

26 January 2024

Research Findings Academic Books and Articles

Closing the green gap — Disparities in PV Deployment

6 December 2023

Academic Books and Articles Student Work Journal Articles

“Ethnocultural long-term care homes in Canada: a place for cultural inheritance and community building”

12 January 2023

Academic Books and Articles Student Work Journal Articles

A Pressure Release Valve: South Korean Long-Term Care Policy as Supplemental to Family Elder Care

21 November 2022

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Family Day imagery neglects family caregivers’ care work; it needs to be valued

28 February 2022

Academic Books and Articles

Impacts of COVID-19 on Parents with Small Children in South Korea

15 January 2022