Care and Climate Change

Massey Dialogue hosts Ito Peng in talk re Care and Climate Change

Dr. Ito Peng and Dr. Ross Upshur recently engaged in a lively discussion investigating the complex relationship between an aging population and dealing with climate change.

A recent discussion between Dr. Ross Upshur and Dr. Ito Peng, coordinated by Junior Fellow Q. Jane Zhao at the Massey College, delved into the research, policy, and ethics at the intersection of aging and climate. The conversation stressed the importance of progressive local-level approaches. Dr. Peng pointed to projects like Bogotá’s impactful care blocks initiative as an example of creative urban planning to address the twin challenges of ageing and climate change. Dr. Upshur spoke to the intersection of ageism and climate change, highlighting the need for an advanced approach to address these interconnected challenges.

The dialogue ranged from discussions around building greener long-term care facilities as a vital strategy to combating the problems arising at this intersection of aging and climate through policy change.

“Climate change and aging population are the most effective and powerful portal to understand and reassess different forms of interdependencies.”

Dr. Ito Peng

The conversation emphasized the need for multisectoral and interdisciplinary approaches, emphasizing the necessity for collaboration between those working in the climate change sector with those in the care sector. They also recognized the importance of acknowledging different cultures and contexts while developing policies. The resounding message was clear: climate action cannot truly succeed without recognizing and addressing the unique challenges faced by older individuals.

Watch the full discussion here:

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