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Professor Ito Peng on the Borders and Belonging Podcast: Is Japan Turning into a Migration State?

Episode 7 Season 2 of the Borders and Boundaries podcasts features Ito Peng discussing migration in Japan.

In episode 7 (season 2) of the Borders & Boundaries podcast, Professor Ito Peng joined host Maggie Perzyna and follow guests Nicholas Fraser and Professor Nana Oishi to discuss Japan’s evolving attitudes towards migration.

Borders and Belonging is an award-winning podcast hosted by Maggie Perzyna, a researcher with the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration program at Toronto Metropolitan University. It features stories about migration from around the world.

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Show notes:

Despite its historical reputation for social, political, and legal closure and a certain reluctance towards admitting immigrants, Japan is taking steps towards a more inclusive national immigration policy. In this episode, host Maggie Perzyna and her guests explore the evolving role of Japan as a migration state, shedding light on innovative policies and their potential to bring about transformative changes in Japanese society.

Guests: Nicholas A. R. Fraser, Senior Research Associate at CERC Migration; Nana Oishi, Associate Professor in Japanese Studies at the University of Melbourne; Ito Peng, Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Director of the Centre for Global Social Policy, and Canada Research Chair in Global Social Policy at the University of Toronto.

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