Webinar: Demographic and the Aging

Wednesday Nov. 15: Professor Ito Peng will participate in a webinar in the “Thinking Public Policy Series” called Demographic and the Aging – the impact of ageing on pension systems and on labour markets

Professor Ito Peng will be a panelist in a webinar organized by the Global Public Policy Network. The network, of which the Munk School of Global Affairs in the University of Toronto is a member, is an international group of top public policy schools from around the world. GPPN serves as a platform for institutional partnership, research collaboration, and student exchange.

The webinar on Demographic and the Aging is the fourth webinar organized by the network. In addition to Professor Peng, it will feature scholars from the London School of Economics, the University of Tokyo and Sciences Po. This panel will discuss the impact of demographic aging on pension systems and labour markets.

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