Care Economies in Context

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The African Context in the Building of a Gendered Care-Focused Social Accounting Matrix

An overview of the key issues one must consider when building a gender and care-focused SAM and CGE model for African countries and Senegal in particular.

In preparation for the African country studies associated with Care Economies in Context, we commissioned Glen Kwende to poduce a report on the issues involved in creating a Social Accounting Matrix in Senegal. Dr. Kwende received his PhD at American University under the supervision of Professor Maria Floro. He has since begun work as an economist for the International Monetary Fund. This research was funded by the Open Society Foundations.

…As the populations of many nations – including in the African region –
grow older, the realization of an impending care crisis has woken governments to the need to build a solid care infrastructure and adequately provide both child and elder care to their citizens. Economists have increasingly turned towards incorporating care sectors into macroeconomic models to better understand the dynamic relationship between the care sector and other sectors of the economy, and to develop more effective, gender-aware policies to address ever-growing care needs.

Glen Kwende

Project Lead

  • Glen Kwende