Gender, Migration, & The Work of Care

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Migration and Care in Oceania

Australia is the largest power in the tropical Pacific Ocean islands, and a major migration county, yet it rarely figures in discussions of migration and care.

Project Lead

  • Deborah Brennan


  • Elizabeth Anne Adamson

  • Liz Hill

  • Joanna Howe

  • Fiona Macdonald


  • Centre for Sustainable Organizations and Work (CSOW)
  • United Voice
  • The Centre for International Research on Care Labour and Equalities, University of Sheffield (CIRCLE)
  • United Freedom of Freedom People

Students & Associates

Although Australia does not directly target care workers besides health professionals, proposed policy shifts in aged care and disability services are likely to increase demand for migrant workers.

This project probes the key policy and legislative developments that have shaped the intersection of migration and care in the past thirty years in both Australia and New Zealand. We conduct interviews with key stakeholders and analyze political party and ministerial statements, parliamentary debates, and employer, advocacy, and union materials.

We ask how the characteristics and conditions of migrant care workers differ from those of Australian-born care workers. We consider factors pushing a supply of Pacific Island-area workers to migrate (for example, from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam), and factors creating a demand for care work in the more developed Pacific Island nations.

This project is important not only to a achieving a more comprehensive understanding of how policy shapes care migration to Australia and New Zealand. It also offers an important comparison to North America and Europe as more-studied regions that receive care workers.

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