Care Economies in Context

Research Findings

Mapping Sri Lanka’s Care Economy

Sri Lanka’s current care economy and the distribution of care work amongst the population examined in a desk-based study.

This study examines Sri Lanka’s current care economy from an intersectional standpoint, utilizing existing data and literature. It aims to investigate how different population groups experience marginalization when it comes to redistributing the care burden.

This desk-based study seeks to understand the current landscape of the care economy in Sri Lanka in terms of the policy framework, present arrangements, and knowledge and experiences of care for children and dependent adults based on the existing policies as well as the available literature and data. By doing so, it will seek to clarify the economic and social case for investments in an expansion of public provisioning or infrastructures for care services and the need for policy tools that support the development of more equitable, sustainable and culturally appropriate care systems, which reduce, reward and redistribute the extensive unpaid care work women provide within households, families, and communities in Sri Lanka.

Mapping Sri Lanka’s Care Economy, Desk Study

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