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ILO Report: Care at Work: Investing in Care Leave Policies and Services for a Gender-Equal World of Work

The 2022 ILO report, “Care at Work: Investing in Care Leave Policies and Services,” offers a comprehensive view on national laws and practices related to care policies worldwide.

Eight key messages and findings emerge from the report:


Based on an ILO legal survey of 185 countries, the report reviews progress made around the world over the past decade while assessing the persisting and significant legal gaps that translate into a lack of protection and support for millions of workers with family responsibilities across the world.

It takes the requirements and principles of relevant international labour standards – in particular the ILO Conventions and Recommendations on maternity protection and workers with family responsibilities – as the benchmark. The report pays attention to the most frequently excluded workers, such as the self-employed, workers in the informal economy, migrants, and adoptive and LGBTQI+ parents.

It concludes with a call for action to invest in a transformative package of care policies that is central to the broader international agenda on investing in the care economy – a breakthrough pathway for building a better and more gender equal world of work.