Care Economies in Context


Canada’s Care Economy: A Conceptual Framework, a report by Statistics Canada

On November 29, 2023, StatsCan released a new report presenting a framework to consistently and cohesively define and measure Canada’s care economy.

The care economy is a highly relevant issue for Canadian society and the economy, especially given the recent pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic on social care and healthcare systems. Researchers, policymakers, and advocates have called for more data and research on paid and unpaid care work. Based on reviews of existing research in Canada and internationally, as well as consultations with key stakeholders and experts, the report puts forward a defined scope and boundaries for a framework.

The report also provides a foundation for future research and data development. As a next step, Statistics Canada will continue to develop and refine the framework, including further understanding the emerging data needs of data users and policymakers. In addition, Statistics Canada will look to actively cooperate with international partners to develop standards for the care economy and to ensure its framework aligns with international efforts while still being relevant for Canada’s policy context.

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