Care Economies in Context

Summer Institute: Inclusive Economies for a Just and Sustainable Planet

Applications are open until April 21st for early career academics and policy professionals.

CGSP is co-sponsoring the Summer Institute, “Inclusive Economies for a Just and Sustainable Planet” that will be held at the University of the Andes in Bogota, Colombia from June 5-8, 2024.

The summer school offers a great opportunity for early career scholars (including senior PhD students) to advance interdisciplinary research, develop networks and build new research in the area of inclusive economies. Sessions will be conducted in Spanish and English.

The Summer lnstitute is a four-day program that will bring together 42 participants from the Global North and South to discuss new ways of thinking in economics and economic development policy. There will be in-depth presentations and discussions structured around the four following themes:

  1. Architecture and Inequality: Repurposing Housing, Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Inclusion.
  2. Nurturing the Commons Place-based and Solidarity Approaches for a Just Planet.
  3. Measuring lnequality Economic Exclusion as a social determinant of health.
  4. Feminist Approaches to Economics and the Care Economy.

The final day will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on connections between the tapies discussed and to explore potential of collaborations in the future. By fostering dialogue and collaboration across disciplines and types of participants, we hope to contribute to the advancement of research and policy knowledge towards building more inclusive and sustainable economies worldwide.

The institute welcomes applications from early career academics and practitioners, and will cover the costs for the people selected. More information and instructions for applying are available on the Institute’s website here.