Gender, Migration, & The Work of Care

UTM Professor Cynthia Cranford Interviewed about her Study on Confronting Servitude

In her recent study, University of Toronto Mississauga sociology professor Cynthia Cranford, examines how Asian immigrant women workers in state-funded care are susceptible to exploitation by their employers.

Insights obtained from 60 in-depth interviews conducted on Chinese, Korean, and Filipina women working as care providers in California’s In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program reveal the distressing cycle of servitude that these women fall into while providing care.

The state, in the design of its program, opens the door for homecare workers to slip into servitude.

Cynthia Cranford

In this interview, Cranford discusses the mistreatment experienced by women in the IHSS program at the hands of their employers and how the inequalities of gender, race, class and immigration make it a much more difficult task for these workers’ to refuse coercive labour conditions.