Connaught PhDs for Public Impact

University of Toronto PhD students involved in the Centre for Global Social Policy may be interested in applying for the Connaught PhD Fellowship for Public Impact.

The Connaught PhDs for Public Impact Fellowship Program is an annual fellowship offered to University of Toronto doctoral students who are interested in developing a program of public scholarship. Fellows meet monthly as a community to discuss issues related to their research and public engagement initiatives, and present at an annual showcase. The program lists the following as possible ways that fellows might seek to engage the public:

  • establishing a social media presence
  • creating a blog
  • writing a guest blog post
  • publishing an op-ed
  • building ties with an organization outside the university
  • developing YouTube content
  • hosting a podcast
  • giving a public talk
  • producing an app
  • designing an exhibit
  • coordinating a public lecture series

The fellowship comes with a $12,000 stipend that can be taken in addition to the University of Toronto guaranteed funding package. All PhD students are eligible, even those beyond the “funded cohort.” The annual deadline is late January with an information session in mid-December.