Care Economies in Context

Request for Proposals: Care Policy Scorecard in Canada

OXFAM Canada is currently seeking proposals from researchers for contract research related to completing a Care Policy Scorecard for Canada. OXFAM began producing Care Policy Scorecards in 2021 as a tool to help track and measure government policy and progress towards creating a “care-enabling public policy environment.” Building on research by feminist economists and the ILO, the scorecard looks for and encourages policy that recognizes, reduces, redistributes and represents unpaid care work, while adequately rewarding paid care work.

OXFAM is seeking researchers for a contract that will run until December 2022. The goals of the research are to assess Canada’s public policy framework (using the Care Policy Scorecard framework), and to identify gaps, trends and areas for improvement in Canada’s care systems. The researcher is expected to use an intersectional feminist research lens and to draft a research report with the findings.

The full RFP is available here. Proposals are due June 17, 2022.