Care Economies in Context

New IJCC Special issue on “Care, caring, and the global COVID-19 pandemic”

This double special issue of the International Journal of Care and Caring considers the shock to caregiving around the world caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Inequalities in access and provision of care continue to persist, despite the increasing public attention to the role of care work. We need to find new ways of conceptualizing public health regimes. This issue poses key questions:
“Will our optimism that care has been recognised as an important public issue prove short-sighted? Or, will the long-term consequences of these disruptions transform, and draw needed attention to, the place of care?”

The International Journal of Care and Caring (IJCC) is a new multidisciplinary journal designed to advance scholarship and debate in the important and expanding field of care. It is multidisciplinary and international in scope, publishing high quality contributions on care, caring and carers from all regions of the world. This issue is free to access until March 31st, 2022.

Access it here.