Gender, Migration, & The Work of Care

Congratulations to our 2016 New Scholar Associates!

Big congratulations to our 2016 New Scholar Associates: Armagan Teke and Kyung-Eun Yang! The New Scholar Associate Program is a Centre for Global Social Policy initiative aimed at supporting the work of exceptional new scholars conducting research relevant to the Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care project. The New Scholar Associate receives support for the advancement and mobilization of their research and the opportunity to build a professional and academic network.

Armagan Teke received her PhD in the Political Science department of McMaster University. Prior to pursuing doctoral studies, she received a Masters of Arts in Political Science at Carleton University. She has been researching care work and migration in Turkey, spending time in the field with workers, employers, workers’ relatives and bureaucrats. Through this research, she will explore how Armenian domestic care workers experience “illegality” while in Turkey.

Kyung-Eun Yang received her PhD at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. Prior to this, she received a Master in Social Welfare Policy from Seoul National University. She is interested in the causes and consequences of social and economic inequalities associated with race/ethnicity and gender issues, as well as effective approaches to reducing them.  As a 2015 Doctoral Associate, Kyung-Eun worked to develop a new conceptual framework which adopts not only a gender-sensitive approach but also incorporates a balanced standpoint between human capital theory and discrimination theory in understanding immigrant women’s economic integration/segregation process. Her PhD thesis was titled “Economic Integration or Segregation? Immigrant Women’s Labor Market Entrance and Their Support Service Utilization in South Korea”.

Best of luck to our New Scholar Associates!

Interested in joining us as a New Scholar Associate? Applications are due September 1, 2016.