Gender, Migration, & The Work of Care

Scholarship Recipient: Jeremy Davison

Big congratulations to Jeremy Davidson—recipient of the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master’s Program, 2015.

We are pleased to announce that Jeremy will be working under the direction of Ito Peng, the Principal Investigator of the Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care project.

Jeremy will look at whether, and how, local Japanese governments attempt to influence national-level decision makers on immigration policy. His research will take him to rural Japan in the summer, where he will interview government officials, policymakers, and academics.

This is a topic Jeremy is well-familiarized with. From 2012-2014, Jeremy worked for the Yamanashi Prefectural Government in Kofu, Japan. In 2014, Jeremy also received an entrance scholarship to the School of Public Policy and Governance based on his excellent scholarship and work experience.