Refereed publications


Op-Ed articles & Non-refereed Publications

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In progress

  • Chun, Jennifer, Ito Peng, Heidi Gottfried (eds.). Edited Volume in progress. The Global Migration of Gendered Care Work.
  • Davison, Jeremy and Ito Peng. “Problems of Multiculturalism: Immigration Policy Debates in Japan”.
  • Michel, Sonya and Ito Peng (eds.) Gender, Migration and the Work of Care: A Multi-Scalar Approach to the Pacific Rim (Palgrave: forthcoming)
  • Peng, Ito. “Shaping and Reframing Care and Migration: with Focus on Asia Pacific.”
  • Peng, Ito and Yi-Chun Chien. “Cases from East Asia”, Handbook of Child and Family Policy, Guðný Björk Eydal and Tine Rostgaard (eds.), Edward Elgar.
  • Piper, Nicola (ed.). Special Journal Issue in Progress on Marriage Migration in Asia Pacific.
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Nicola Piper, University of Sydney


UN Women, United Nation Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Kookmin University, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF), International Labour Organization ILO, Asian Research Center for the Intimate and Public Spheres (ARCIPS), Asia Research Institute – National University of Singapore NUS (ARI), and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)


Jeremy Davison, Sarah Misu Lee, Yi-Chun Chien, and Catherine Cheng