• Rianne Mahon and Sonya Michel, ‘Not in Focus: Migrant Care Workers as Seen by the ILO and the OECD, to appear in a volume on Gender, Migration and the Work of Care, to be co-edited by Ito Peng and Sonya Michel
  • Rianne Mahon ‘Gendering Migration Management’ to appear in The International Organisation for Migration: the ‘New UN Migration Agency’ in Critical Perspective edited by Martin Geiger and Antoine Pécoud
  • Rianne Mahon Transnational Care Chains as Seen by the OECD, the World Bank the IOM, in International Organisations and the Globalisation of Governance: Microprocesses and Actor Configurations. D. Dolowitz, M. Hadjiisky and N. Romuald eds. June 2018. Manuscript about to be submitted to Edward Elgar summer 2019 which has accepted the book proposal
  • Fish, Jennifer N., Stefania Azzarello, Sylvia Gunther, Lisa-Marie Heimeshoff, Claire Hobden, Maren Kirchhoff and Helen Schwenken. 2014. “’We Want to be the Protagonists of Our Own Stories’: A Participatory Research Manual on How Domestic Workers and Researchers Can Jointly Conduct Research.” Published by the International Labor Organization, Geneva, Switzerland and the International Center for Development and Decent Work, University of Kassel, Germany.
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  • Rianne Mahon
  • Jennifer Fish


  • Nicola Piper
  • Eileen Boris


  • The Migration Policy Institute
  • United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)
  • The International labour Organization (ILO)

Students & Associates

  • Sarah Rose Taylor
  • Masaya Llavaneras-Blanca