With these words, Helene Klodawsky a critically acclaimed filmmaker from Montreal, challenged us to ‘go beyond bland’ and embrace emotionally charged stories if we truly wish to spark audience interest in issues surrounding care.

In her documentary series ‘Care Rebels,’ Helene profiles individuals who are challenging the invisibility and social undervaluation of care work to radically reshape our collective perception of care. She is also working on a larger documentary, ‘Care Revolution,’ in which Project Lead Ito Peng will serve as an expert consultant.

Shaping the care landscape starts with sharing a moment. Helene challenged us to put ourselves in the shoes of somebody who has never thought about the work of care before. To build a narrative that is both informative and compelling, we must ask the questions that too often are neglected. How does a day in a life of a care recipient look like? What are the experiences of young caregivers? Do Canadians see themselves in the work of care? Pursuing these questions can shed light into the realities of care experienced by everyday people.

Helene also encouraged us to look into different creative avenues for showcasing our stories, explaining that a diversity of media platforms can help heighten public interest in the issues surrounding care. For instance, a podcast series exploring the social context of care can accompany a photo-essay of care workers’ daily lived experiences. Widely consumed media sources such as radio and newspapers also present an opportunity to get our stories out to a wider audience. Taking advantage of these outlets complements our objective of showcasing care work from multiple angles.

With refreshed enthusiasm and a surge of creativity, we are looking forward to continuing our Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination efforts!