Director and Project Lead Ito Peng’s newest publication is now available online via the ILO’s website. Titled “Transnational Migration of Domestic and Care Workers in Asia Pacific”, the report was completed as part of the ILO/UE’s Global Action Programme on Migrant Domestic Workers and their Families.

The report examines the patterns of and policies related to migration of domestic and care workers in East and Southeast Asia.  The intensity of care related labour migration and the diversity of economic development stages, political regimes, and cultural and religious backgrounds in East and Southeast Asia provides an invaluable terrain for understanding different modalities and dynamics associated with gender, care and migration, as well as the growing interdependencies between richer and poorer localities and countries through care relationships within this region.

Ito Peng is the Professor of Sociology and Public Policy at the Department of Sociology and the School of Public Policy and Governance, and the Director of the Centre for Global Social Policy. She teaches political sociology and comparative public policy, specializing in family and gender policies and comparative welfare states. She has written extensively on gender, labour market, and political economy of social policy reforms in East Asia. More of Dr. Peng’s research relating to her Gender, Migration, and The Work of Care sub-project is viewable here.

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