At this year’s 57th Venice Biennale, a spotlight shone on the work of care.

‘A World Without Borders’ was the theme of the Tunisian Pavilion at the exhibition.

Fiona Williams, emeritus professor of social policy at the University of Leeds and partner collaborator for the GMC project was asked to write a short essay on migration for the exhibit.

Fiona’s essay highlights her own cross-national research on migrant care workers. She also draws upon Professor Ito Peng and Professor Sonya Michel’s work from their book Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care.

Who would have thought that the GMC Project would receive recognition within the international arts scene? It offers a new and unique venue to get people interested and concerned with the work of care.

Read Fiona’s essay for the Tunisian Pavilion here. Note Dr. Ito Peng and Dr. Sonya Michel’s book referenced at the end of the essay.