Call for Proposals
Gender, Migration and the Work of Care
A Research Project supported by the
Social Sciences Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
Center for Global Social Policy, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto

New Scholar Associate Program

The Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care project is pleased to announce funding opportunities for new scholars working in areas connected with its foci. The overall project consists of eight interconnected multi-national research initiatives directed toward investigating how the (re-)organization of care is influencing global migration of care workers, and what this means for gender inequalities, social developments, and global governance. These research initiatives examine the social, cultural, and political construction of care; social, economic, and political conditions that are affecting the demand for care and the supply of care workers, and; the living and working conditions of migrant care workers. For information about each project, visit the CGSP website (

We are now accepting applications for New Scholar Associates. The program will provide support to exceptional new scholars conducting research relevant to at least one of the eight subprojects. Up to five applicants will be accepted for 2017-2018. Successful New Scholar Associate applicants will receive a one-time $3,000 writing stipend (to be paid in two installments) to support the advancement and mobilization of their research. They will also have opportunities to work and network with Canadian and international scholars in the field and to gain experience by interacting with policy and NGO community partners. Finally, the program will disseminate their research outcomes to expert and general audiences through various channels such as CGSP workshop presentations and CGSP social media postings and profiles.

Program Responsibilities:

The New Scholar Associates Program offers writing stipends to recent PhD graduates in the social sciences or humanities. The stipends are aimed at supporting the development and completion of academic presentations and publications based on a working paper prepared with the support of the grant. Associates will establish a working paper review committee composed of two to three relevant project leads and/or partners of the Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care project. Six months after the receipt of funds, associates must submit a working paper to their review committee, along with a written report demonstrating that the following outcomes have been achieved:

  • Network connections have been established with leading and/or upcoming researchers and decision makers in the area of gender, migration, and care work
  • A version of the working paper has been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or edited collection (status of that submission to be specified).
  • Grantee has made plans to present his/her research (in part or in whole) at a CGSP workshop or conference or another peer-reviewed conference or appropriate venue.


New Scholar Associates are recent PhD graduates with a promising research profile whose research work enhances knowledge and understanding in at least one of the nine Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care projects.

  • Applicants must have successfully completed their PhD program in the last 3 years
  • Applicants may or may not be working with a project lead or partner of the Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care project
  • Applicants may be from any relevant discipline
  • Applicants may or may not be Canadian citizens, and may or may not be working within Canada
  • Applicants must be conducting part or all of their research on North American, Asian, and/or Asia Pacific countries, their citizens, and/or their migrant workers
  • Applicants may hold a post-doctoral appointment during the program
  • Applicants may not hold an academic faculty position during the program



Applications must include a cover letter; a letter of intent (no longer than two pages describing the relevant research, the working paper that will be completed by the end of the program, and plans for use of funds); a curriculum vitae; and two letters of recommendation, one of which should come from the applicant’s doctoral advisor. Single-file applications and letters must be submitted electronically by email to Letters of recommendation must be emailed directly from referees via their institutional email accounts. Applications will be accepted until May 31, with winners selected and informed by the end of June. Only complete applications will be considered for review.

For questions about the program and eligibility, please contact Deanna Pikkov, Interim Research Associate, by email at or by phone at 1-416-978-6351.