“Japan’s Ageing Crisis: Get to Know the ‘Other’ and They’re Not the ‘Other’ Anymore”
– Dr. Ito Peng’s research
– Immigration to meet care deficit in Japan

“China is Now Partly Relying on Religious Groups’ Philanthropy to Respond to Acute Elder Care Crisis”
-Dr. André Laliberté’s research
-Chinese society, religious tradition, and care policy

“Canada: Migrant Domestic Workers”
-Dr. Monica Boyd’s research
-Brief timeline of Canadian policies to recruit foreign, female domestic workers

“If I Could Choose Freely, I Would Definitely Prefer Factory Work”
-Experience of a migrant care worker in California
-Based on an interview from project lead Cynthia Cranford’s research

“Canada Quietly Introduced New Rules for Migrant Caregivers in November 2014”
-End of Canada’s Live-in Caregiver program

“For Love or Money?”
-Labour market integration of immigrant wives in South Korea
-Based on Scholar Associate Kyung-Eun Yang’s research

“Look Deep into Your Hearts”
-International Domestic Workers’ Network in Geneva in June, 2011
-Hosted by the International Labour Organization
-Monitored by project lead Dr. Jennifer Fish

Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination
“How Do We Get This Knowledge Out into the World?”
-Beginning of knowledge mobilization stage of the GMC project

“The Stories Seemed to Tumble Out of People”
-Interview process for the “Faces of Care” feature

“Getting the Public to Care More About Care Work”
-Creating materials to inform the policy community and the general public
-Continuation of knowledge mobilization phase at GMC project