Refereed publications

Non-refereed publications

  • Wang Yishu, “Les obstacles dans la longue quête des travailleuses domestiques migrantes en Chine”, MA Thesis, University of Ottawa.

In progress

  • Alex Payette. “Local Confucian Groups and Hospice Care provision: between ‘need’ and ‘obligation’.” (under review)
  • Yannis-Adam Allouache. “Migration, Gender and the Political Economy of Care: The case of Indonesian Domestic Workers and the limits of Taiwan’s ‘civic consensus’” MA Thesis, University of Ottawa.
  • Zhang Weiguo, Zhang Dong, and Zhang Qi. “Institutional Care of the Elderly in China: The Case of Beijing.” (under review)

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André Laliberté


  • Weiguo Zhang
  • Li Xiangping


  • Human Rights Research and Education Center, University of Ottawa (HRREC)

Students & Associates

  • Yannis-Adam Allouache
  • Lu Lu
  • Philippe Martin
  • Alex Payette
  • Alexandre Syvrais-Galland