Refereed publications

Non-refereed publications

Publications in progress

  • Adamson, E. Recognition of what? Nanny agencies’ portrayal of in-home childcare in Australia and Canada (to be submitted June 2016)
  • Adamson, E. “Crossing boundaries: Childcare policy and the Live-In Caregiver Program in Canada”, In R. Langford, P. Albaneze and S. Prentice (Eds), Caring for Children: Social Movements and Public Policy. Vancouver: UBC Press (expected publication December 2016)
  • Adamson, E. and Brennan, D. Return of the Nanny? Public policy towards in-home childcare in the UK, Canada and Australia, Social Policy & Administration ( to resubmit February 2016)
  • Adamson, E. Cultures of in-home childcare: Nannies, migration and early childhood education and care, Bristol: Policy Press. (expected publication November 2016)
  • Adamson, E., Cortis, N., Brennan, D. and Charlesworth, S. ‘Social care and migration policy in Australia: Emerging intersections?’ for Australian Journal of Social Issues (submitted December 2015)
  • Brennan, D., Charlesworth, S.; Adamson, E. and Cortis, N. (in progress) ‘Markets, migration and care: Australia in a global context’, Chapter for I. Peng and S. Michel.
  • Charlesworth, S. and Howe, J. Employment Standards and Enforcement in Australia: Success & Challenges in Aged Care for  Federal Law Review (to be submitted April 2016)
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  • Deborah Brennan, University of New South Wales
  • Sara Charlesworth, RMIT University


  • Liz Adamson
  • Liz Hill
  • Joanna Howe
  • Fiona Macdonald


  • Centre for Sustainable Organizations and Work (CSOW)
  • United Voice,
  • The Centre for International Research on Care Labour and Equalities, University of Sheffield (CIRCLE)

Students & Associates

  • Myra Hamilton
  • Celestyna Galicki
  • Don Tennakoon
  • Monica O’Dwyer
  • Rasika Jayasuriya
  • Jenny Malone
  • Jyhene Kebsi
  • Sohoon Lee