Kyung-Eun Yang PhD Candidate Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto

Kyung-Eun received her PhD at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. Prior to this, she received a Master in Social Welfare Policy from Seoul National University. She is interested in the causes and consequences of social and economic inequalities associated with race/ethnicity and gender issues, as well as effective approaches to reducing them.  As a 2015 Doctoral Associate, Kyung-Eun worked to develop a new conceptual framework which adopts not only a gender-sensitive approach but also incorporates a balanced standpoint between human capital theory and discrimination theory in understanding immigrant women’s economic integration/segregation process. Her PhD thesis was titled “Economic Integration or Segregation? Immigrant Women’s Labor Market Entrance and Their Support Service Utilization in South Korea”.

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