Jiweon Jun Postdoctoral research fellow University of Toronto, Seoul National University

Jiweon Jun, DPhil, is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the Centre for Global Social Policy, University of Toronto, located at and housed by Seoul National University. Her research interests include: understanding the nature of care work; the structure of care work and inequalities among care workers; well-being in later life; work-life balance; low fertility and population ageing; changing patterns of time use across the life course; multidimensional index. Jiweon is a research associate at the Centre for Time Use Research (CTUR), University of Oxford, where she was previously awarded a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship. She received her BA in Anthropology from Seoul National University, and her MSc and DPhil in Sociology from University of Oxford (DPhil thesis: ‘Balance Beyond Work Life: An Empirical Study of Older People’s Time Use in the UK’). Jiweon is a Chevening Scholar and a member of St.Cross College, University of Oxford.


Summary of Research 

Co-supervised by Professor Ito Peng, University of Toronto, and Professor Ki-Soo Eun, Seoul National University, Jiweon investigates how care work is actually performed in different contexts in South Korea, and how the conditions of care work are related with the quality of care provision and the well-being of caregivers/recipients. Her research activities include conducting qualitative, in-depth interviews of caregivers at various settings (e.g., home, childcare and eldercare institutions, paid and unpaid), as well as collecting and analysing time use diaries of the caregivers, to understand the nature and context of care work in Korea. The research will provide essential information about the nature of care work in Korea, including the conditions and quality of care work, level of skills required depending on different types of care work, the relationship between caregivers and care recipients and the well-being of caregivers, including the timing, frequency and amount of breaks the caregiver takes and how the rest of the day are affected by care related activities.

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