Alex Payette Post-Doctoral Fellow University of Ottawa

Alex Payette’s (PhD) work focuses on local Confucian revival in urban and rural China, its influence on mobility, governance and on the issue of Care, with specific focus on the involvement of local Confucian groups in redefining care arrangements and care economics. He previously documented the Countryside Confucianism experiment in rural Shandong, its identitarian expressions and relationship with the Party, thus reassessing the notions of both “local” and “popular” Confucianism. He is currently preparing a series of articles on the issue of rural Confucian groups in the vicinities of Qufu, Yantai, Zibo and Weifang (Shandong, China). As such, it will speak to the enduring struggle between a traditional understand of care in conflict with an accelerated modernization. The overall objective of his research agenda is to understand the role of local Confucian groups in the ongoing care crisis since the early 2000s.

Alex’s main area of expertise are Chinese domestic politics and local Confucian revival under the frame of authoritarian resilience in Contemporary China.

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