Margaret Walton-Roberts Professor School of International Policy and Governance, The Balsillie School of International Affairs

Margaret Walton-Roberts is a professor in the Geography and Environmental studies department at Wilfrid Laurier University, and affiliated to the Balsillie School of International Affairs, Waterloo Ontario.  She completed her MA and PhD at the University of British Columbia, and received her undergraduate training at Manchester University in the U.K. Her research interests are in gender and migration, transnational networks in the Indian diaspora, and immigrant settlement in Canada. Her current research project focuses on the international migration of health care professionals in the context of economic regionalisation in North America and ASEAN. She has been awarded several external grants for her research, and has published 3 co-edited books, over 25 book chapters, and more than 37 journal articles on immigration and citizenship policy, settlement and integration and transnational community formation. Her latest co-edited book The Human Right to Citizenship: A Slippery Concept is published by University of Pennsylvania Press. Dr Walton-Roberts has led projects, published outputs, mentored, collaborated internationally, engaged in knowledge transfer with policy makers and community organizations.  From 2008-2012 Dr Walton-Roberts was the inaugural Director of the International Migration Research Centre (; a research centre whose mandate is to serve as a focal point for debate, research, policy analysis, and proposal development related to international migration and mobility at the global, national and regional scale. She is currently an editor with Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, and on the editorial board of Spaces and Practices of Justice, a Bristol University Press series, and South Asian Diaspora.

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